Enjoy the journey

I feel like I live for moments or events in life that I look forward to. I like life to be a book that I’ve prewritten, and I’m just waiting for my favourite chapters to arrive.
I forget to enjoy every page. I need to constantly tell myself that even though I believe the opposite, I’m writing the book as I go. And that I have the power to include anything I want everyday.

i have the power to make every chapter, page, word and letter worth written.


Web30 – WWW owning me for 28 years

WWW turns 30! And I’m about to tun 28. WWW is almost the age of me. We are the WWW children. It made me think what would I do if WWW never occurred. What would  my life be like?


I work in IT industry. So if it wasn’t for WWW I won’t certainly be producing websites. Continue reading

After leaving the job I wanted

It’s been a while since I last wrote here. If you’ve read my very first blog post titled “Quarter Life Crisis” you may remember the struggle I was going though as I voluntarily left my dream job. And the post “What to do when nothing goes right” was about my coping mechanisms when I was at the utmost depression. It hasn’t even been 2 years since I made that decision, leaving a job with the perfect job title Continue reading