Quarter Life Crisis


Have you ever had the urge to just quite your job, leave home, live alone and start over. Have you felt that nothing is going right? Even though you’ve accomplished many things at this age maybe it’s not what you want for life.

Well, I just quit my dream job. I’ve worked so hard in my life to get a position like the one I had. But at the end it was just answering emails and using several tools and not even talk with people and have real connections. It was more about dealing with attitudes rather than getting the actual work done. I was wondering how easy it would have been to do the work and get work done if it was possible to actually sit down with people and, discuss and come to clarifications. Instead it was only email arguments and awaiting clarifications or confirmations from someone or another. So the decision I took could either be the craziest decision in my life or the best ever.

What I’ve learnt through this experience is, at this age of mid 20s, you should never think twice if your gut feeling says what to do. We are given a gut feeling for a reason. At this age, there’s room to make mistakes, there’s room to take up challenges, and there’s room to learn. It’s important to walk away from something that’s not serving you in any way. You have to think of personal growth, and how interesting your life is. Because this age is yours and no one can give it back to you. Life is too short for uninteresting choices…

Let’s talk about crisis and make an awareness that we are not alone in this… 🙂