No one else can give you happiness

When I thought everything is going in the right direction, life told me otherwise. When I thought I made right decisions in life, life told me otherwise. When I thought my mind is finally at peace, life told me otherwise. Then I started to think on what I base my happiness, where do I base my peace on. The answer was on other people.

I was too dependent on other people and expected them to keep me happy and give me peace in mind. I was counting on people I love to keep me happy. Then I realized that this is my life and I cannot expect anyone else to understand what I want. The happiness I want can only be gifted by myself to me. It is about time I should handle the steering wheel in my life. I should start gifting myself what I expect from the world.

It could be the simplest thing but still you know what can make you happy. Start making a difference in life. Treat yourself to a meal you like, treat yourself with the birthday gift you want, treat yourself with a nice walk and some time alone.

Have you come to this stage in life same like me? Share your thoughts. . .