People in the Train

This article was written in April 2017.

So I got into the southern train to London Bridge from upper warlingham on another Monday morning. All the work lest there from Friday go through my mind.  We were late to get up today and o had to apply my make up on the way to station in the car. So here I am fortunate enough to sit on a seat on this Monday morning. 

If I go back 3 minutes in time I witnessed the usual scenes on every work day.  People were ordering there usual coffees at the station cafe. It’s amazing how a tea drinking country is now being dominated by coffee. People were grabbing there metros at the station. I joined a line of people at the platform waiting for the train with coffee in hand, with metro in hand and dressed up for the unpredictable weather. The train approached and gents allowed the ladies to get in first. And now everyone is either sitting or standing up with there heads tilted down. Their eyes are either on phone, kindle , book or nothing. Some are dozing off. I always like to observe people and their fashion while I’m on train. 

30 minutes from now I will get to the London Bridge station. Full of people walking fast. During my student days I kept thinking while Londoners walk so fast. Now I’ve become one of them. Walking with the rest of hundreds of people walking in the same direction. To the platform gate , to the underground station, to the jubilee line. Everybody just walk in one direction in a horde. If you have to walk opposite direction or sideways , well, then good luck. It’ll be a great challenge. I don’t want to time to pass and get to the station, as I enjoy this silence before the storm. This silent period I spend at the train before stepping into London Bridge station. 

What could these people be reading on their phones , kindles , laptops. Some must be checking emails and already preparing for work. Some might be reading a philosophical book. Some must be watching their favourite tv shows on laptops. I can see older gentlemen filling crosswords and sudoku puzzles in metro. Can these people be stressed at work. Can some of them be scared to face their boss, how many of them can be thinking of a new job , how many of them are already given notice. Can they be confident workers. Some look worried , some look confident , some look neutral. The gentleman standing next to me is sighing. I’ve had those days at work. I know the feeling. Dragging yourself to work. 

But however, it’s amazing to see these people fighting , ladies put on make up and ready for another day while thousand responsibility can be hanging behind. It’s amazing how people force themselves to look happy and neutral and keep the circle going. Monday to Friday. Is this life? Spending 5 days of your week away from home spending the best hours of day working for someone else. Left with only 2 days per week to spend the money you earn?

We will shortly be arriving at London Bridge satiation. Time for thinking is coming to an end. Routine begins. The same routine awaits. The time you spend travelling , sitting or standing in the train can be the most precious life changing time. It’s time to think deeply about life. Or read a book or watch something to escape the reality and embrace a fantasy. 

Do you have similar commuting stories that may interest us all ?