What to do when nothing goes right

Continuous efforts, continuous struggles, continuous pep talk to self, but nothing seems to work out. Falling down, spend days in agony, then finally getting up and try again, and fall down again… the cycle continues…..

We all find ourselves in such situations. And what can help us to feel better and start to believe in ourselves again.

1. Give yourself a little time

Sometimes you need that little time away from everything, and spent only by yourself, doing pointless things as you please. Watch tv series, movies, random tv shows on demand, youtube channels etc. Give it all a little time. Just 2-3 days. You’ll find courage back once the time the body need is fcompleted.

2. Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Tea

One of these will become your friend, your sharer of the sorrow. One cup after another. Taking away the stress, the sorrow inch by inch.

3. A hobby – cooking, baking, gaming, etc

I find cooking very therapeutic. This is a time to try new things, try new recipes, do explorations and whatever the outcome is you get yourself a meal. Whatever hobby that gives you a victorious feeling at the end , achieving something gives that great feeling the mind was lacking for a long time.

And finally we will be back on track to try again. The important thing is to keep trying. You never know when something great can happen. Hope for good, hope for happiness. HOPE – what keeps us going.


4 thoughts on “What to do when nothing goes right

  1. Funny isn’t it? Hope is the only thing we can ever hope for! Even when we are just sick of it all and NOTHING makes sense anymore – we still cling on to it. And it used to drive me mad when I heard people talk about their ‘hopes for better things along the way’ but now, now that I am all grown up enough to understand their desperation, I smile to myself and go on – hoping for hope itself.

    Lovely, lovely post. We all need reminders that things are going to be alright. That it’ll all end well. And you provided just that. 😊😊😊



    • Thank you. Yes indeed. Those so called inspirations statements about hopes and hoping, it all makes sense as we grow up. We find ourselves in situations we never imagined 5 years back. And to our own surprise we get through them. Keep hoping , keep fighting ! If nothing seems hopeful, we can at least hope for hope. If I define life, it’ll be nothing but simply “living”. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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