Difficult co-workers !

Between now and the last time I wrote, I got a new job in a new nice place. It all seemed nice and it only took me 3 months to realize that there are bad germs in any kind of workplace. 😀

There’s this girl in my workplace with the ulterior motive to get a pay rise and a promotion. Rather than working her way up the scale, she tries every trick in the book to make herself look important. Some of these tricks are –

  1. Introduce herself to the clients as something she’s not
  2. Reiterating to everyone of all the responsibilities she has
  3. Calling herself something she’s not. For eg – ” as a manager, I have to do this, that…”

But the problem is, what kind of a threat does this bring to your career? It’s not healthy when same tier people try black tricks to overpower themselves, rather than working there way up. Do you want to fall down to that level too to shape your career? Or would you rather live with dignity and not lose your values for a paycheck?

How can you survive the career world with dignity, in a world full of hungry sharks?



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